Q: Boozefighters Motorcycle Club, are you guys against drinkin ?
A: Not hardly, most of us enjoy it. The name came about in 1946 when we first got started, Walt Porter suggested the name as the original members were "always fightin the booze" (as well as fightin and boozin) Our Founders consisted of WWII Vets and a few locals that were bored with life back here stateside . They raised a little hell, rode and partied hard. Some members raced. Today, we try to carry on that tradition. We are known as The Original Wild Ones.

Q: So do you have to drink alcohol to be a Boozefighter ?
A: No. Some of our members do not drink at all, others drink casually, a few drink too much, if thats possible.

Q: Whats the difference between your Motorcycle Club (M/C) and a 1 % M/C ?
A: We do not claim territory, we do not claim bars, we do not get involved in 1% club politics or business. We DO respect 1% clubs and most of them have a mutual respect for our club.

Q: Can anyone join the Boozefighters M/C ?
A: No. We do not seek to increase membership by handing out patches or becoming a MAIL ORDER CLUB. If you contact us with interest in joining we require that you meet us. If the club agrees, we may invite you to hang around (as a guest) and ride with us, attend some parties or rides and see what we are about. More importantly, we need to get to know you. After a period of time, if you fit in, the club members will meet and you may be invited to PROSPECT. Prospecting is a probationary period in which you will learn respect and discover what true brotherhood is. It takes time, but anyone that is serious about joining, certainly has the patience to endure his test of time and the dedication to accomplish the required tasks asked of him. When and if the club members decide you are ready, trustworthy and dedicated, then you could become a PATCH HOLDER or full member.

Q: What exactly is the Boozefighters M/C ? (Motorcycle Club)
A: Our MOTORCYCLE CLUB consists of men that understand true BROTHERHOOD and RESPECT. As M/C members, we have jobs, homes, some of us have families just like your average American working man. We not only ride together, but we are true friends, "we love each other as brothers" if you will. We ride together, party together, assist each other when the need arises, offer a place to stay for a brother passin through, provide food, drink as well as entertainment. We will lend a hand getting a brothers bike repaired or loan him one of our bikes. Members in our M/C are "extended family". Boozefighters assist and host some fund raisers or poker runs to benefit kids, veterans, cancer or other worthy causes. A REAL BIKER can be your best friend in a time of need.

Q: Will I have to break the law to become a member ?
A: Get real... You will never be asked or expected to commit a crime, neglect your family or jeopardize your job.

Q: I'm not sure if I fit in, what kind of clubs are there besides yours ?
A: There are 1% clubs for men lookin to become a 1% member. Religious clubs dedicated to spreading God's word and saving souls, black clubs for coloreds, cop clubs, firemen clubs for firemen, H.O.G. for those wanting to join a riding organization, etc....

Q: What if I just want to wear a patch and ride ?
A: Join H.O.G. or another Riding Club.